Top 10 Playful Animals

Playing mum: Langhur monkey

Studies have shown that juvenile female monkeys do enjoy equal amounts of social activity with males and other females. However, when an infant joins the group, the monkeys’ attention is almost immediately focused on any opportunity to touch, cuddle, carry, or groom the newcomer, leaving the new mother with quite the devoted following.

Playing it safe: Tiger

Tigers like the taste of water, but they would do whatever in their power to avoid getting it in their eyes. To the point that they will go in the other direction in order to exclude any possibility of it occurring!

Horned lizard engaging in shady behaviour

A lizard that is skilled at more than one con! Not only is this lizard capable of faking its own death by turning onto its back when a predator comes, but if it is attacked, it is also capable of exerting enough pressure in its sinuses to rupture the blood vessels in its eyes, thus squirting its assailant with blood!

Grizzly bears are more like players than combatants.

Bears may seem to be engaging in mock combat from a distance, but the easiest method to detect whether or not they are really doing so is to examine the hairs that are located around the bear’s neck and shoulders. If anything can be laid down, then it’s probably just harmless fun. On the other hand, if it is standing upright, it should serve as a warning to keep a safe distance!

Activities on the water: red lechwe

Running and leaping for enjoyment is clearly something that the red lechwe of Botswana love doing for recreation. However, swimming is the only means by which they can ensure their own survival; when they are being chased, they choose to enter the water rather than attempt to elude their pursuers by running away.

Elephant is more than just a game.

Not only have researchers investigated elephants’ capacity for play and found that they take pleasure in engaging in such activity, but they’ve also found that these animals laugh, grieve, and have incredible memory.

The humpback whales are our playmates.

It is well knowledge that humpback whales like diving, breaching, and doing other types of water-based acrobatics whenever they have the chance. But did you know that a sizeable portion of the marine life in the ocean enjoys their conduct just as much as they do? Dolphins and pilot whales are just two examples of animals who enjoy the company of these gentle giants and will swim and play with them for no other purpose than the sheer pleasure of being in each other’s presence.

Play…or else: Eider duck

The Eider duck is so eager to belong to a flock that it really suffers if it does not have any company or social activity to participate in. In addition, it has been shown that ducks who are born and reared in captivity develop the misconception that the people who take care of them are part of their flock. To put it mildly, an eager eider indeed!

Crazy dogs make up a very wild playgroup.

Because African wild dogs are such gregarious creatures, they not only engage in group activities like playing, but they also live in packs of up to 20 dogs. The activities of hunting, wrestling, and playing games are all intertwined in the daily routine of a pack.

Simply for your amusement: grey dolphins

These dolphins demonstrate their wild and free nature not just while they are playing, but also when they are mating. In point of fact, the vast majority of the adult men and females merely mate for the purpose of socialising and having fun with one another rather than for the purpose of procreation.

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