The Tropical Fish Guide

Marine fish might be challenging to catch. They are often more aggressive than fish that live in freshwater, especially against other individuals of their own species. It is frequently suggested not to keep more than one of each species in a tank unless you are totally positive that you possess a male and female.

Knowing a bit about each species you own can allow you to care for your fish better. Flake food, live food, frozen food, and foods often found in households are the primary classifications of fish food. Commercially prepared food is frequently the safest since they are less likely to have parasites than the domestic foods would be. You may get them in a variety of sizes of pellets, which is convenient since some bigger fish like eating huge flakes. Also fish that reside on the bottom of the tank may not come to the top therefore will require pellets that will fall to the floor of the tank. If you want your fish to remain active and healthy, you need to provide them a varied diet.

Some fish will consume live food. It is recommended that one get this from a pet shop as opposed to gathering it in the wild. You do not know if the food you harvest from the river or stream is pure or not. It’s possible that you may inadvertently make things worse for your fish. Earthworms and brine shrimp are two foods that some fish like eating. If you want to gather earthworms from your garden, you should first ensure that the soil there has not been treated with weed killer or any other kind of chemical or preservative. If you so like, you are able to cultivate some living food at home. You just need to purchase the beginning kits, and everything else will be handled for you from there on out.

I hope this will teach you at least some various aspects about your fish and how best to maintain them healthy and happy which is the purpose of the game.
Nevertheless, this is just a small assistance, therefore I recommend doing more research.

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