Shock Collar – Safe Or Dangerous?

It has been shown beyond a reasonable doubt that using a shock collar to influence the behaviour of your pet is an efficient method. There are those who believe that they are cruel, but there are other people who believe that they are safe and that they are quite successful in the way that they can control your dogs.

There are a few considerations you need to make before to purchasing a shock collar for your pet.

The shock-collar is effective because it delivers a mild electric jolt to the animal’s neck anytime it detects a rapid rate of vibration coming from the animal’s voice chords. The amount and severity of the shock are kept to a minimum, and their only purpose is to discourage a continuing activity.

People often relate the experience of being shocked to the jolt that may be received from static electricity or from a little battery. It causes quite a bit of discomfort, although proponents maintain that it is not genuinely painful and that it is just temporary.

Collars are typically available in three different sizes: small, medium, and big. Before you go out and get a collar, you need to determine the size of the neck of your animal. Either a piece of thread or a measuring tape may provide you with precise results when you are trying to measure anything. The correct size may be determined by by wrapping it around the neck of your pet.

When you first get your new shock collar, you should start using it on the lowest setting possible. The majority of different settings are available for shock collars to choose from. If you start at the most basic level, you will have more flexibility when deciding how high to take it afterwards. If your pet does not react when you give it to them at the lowest level, gradually up the dosage until you receive the desired response.

You shouldn’t have to keep using the shock collar for an extended amount of time. After your pet has stopped engaging in the undesirable behaviours, you will no longer need to use the collar. It is only intended to be used for the duration of time that is required.

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