Red-eyed Tree Frog Appearance, Behavior, Lifespan & Fun Facts!

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog has one of the most striking color patterns of any species of frog. These nocturnal creatures are often a brilliant green color, and they have blue and yellow stripes on their thighs. They also have enormous red eyes. The following is some information pertaining to these amazing creatures:

The facts about the red-eyed tree frog

  • Adult red-eyed tree frogs may subtly change their coloration in response to their mood or the surrounding environment.
  • The red-eyed tree frog is distinguished by the presence of three eyelids as well as sticky pads on each of its toes.
  • The rainforests of southern Mexico, Central America, and northern Colombia are home to red-eyed tree frogs, and they may be found in places close to rivers and ponds in these rainforests.
  • There have been reports of these tree frogs living between 5 and 10 years.
  • Because they spend the bulk of their lives in trees, which also makes them excellent jumpers, they are known as arboreal creatures. As their name implies, they spend the majority of their lives in trees.
  • These nocturnal creatures keep very motionless during the day, covering their blue sides with their back legs, tucking their brilliant feet beneath their bellies, and closing their red eyes in order to make themselves practically invisible to potential predators.
  • Even though it is not considered to be endangered, the red-eyed tree frog is threatened with extinction because of the expansion of human civilization.

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