10 Most Loyal Dogs to Their Owners in History

The dog who lead rescuers to owner’s fatal accident scene

On the night of the catastrophic vehicle accident that claimed the life of his owner, a loyal dog guided emergency responders down a dark Florida roadway for a quarter of a mile until they reached the site. On State Road 84, not far from Davie, a driver by the name of Gregory Todd Travers, 41, was unable to maintain control of his car and crashed into a bridge structure before rolling into the roadway. A dog hobbled approaching the first responders as they were searching for the wreckage of the vehicle. The gang was able to locate the wreckage thanks to Simon the German Shepherd leading the way. After following Travers around and then licking him, Simon jumped into the vehicle next to his owner and waited there.

The dog that ran away from home to find his dead master’s grave – and has stayed by its side for six years

Since the passing of his owner, six years ago, a devoted dog has remained at the graveside of the deceased. After the passing of Argentinian Miguel Guzman in 2006, the German shepherd named Capitan escaped from his house and roamed away. A week later, when Mr. Guzman’s family went to pay their respects, they saw the pet who had been left sad by his owner’s passing sobbing beside the grave.

Since that time, the bereaved dog has spent almost all of his time sitting at the same place at the cemetery in the town of Villa Carlos Paz, which is located in the centre of Argentina. In 2005, Mr. Guzman gave his son Damian, then age 13, a bottle of Capitan that he had purchased as a gift.

Even though the dog often leaves the cemetery to spend a brief amount of time with his family, you can count on him to be back to the gravesite well before it gets dark.

The dog who guarded a two-year-old who went missing in the Australian bush for fourteen hours

A youngster who had been reported missing was found unharmed and in good spirits in the wilderness of Australia after spending the previous 14 hours being protected from danger by the obedient family dog. Dante Berry, age 2, and his German Shepherd, Dasher, were traced down by rescue workers in a forest located more than four kilometres away from his mother’s house in Mildura, Victoria. Dante and Dasher were discovered together in the forest.

The alarm was raised by Dante’s mother, Bianca Chapman, when she discovered that her son and his friend had vanished from her front lawn. They were ultimately found when two police officers heard a loud scream several metres away from the track in some knee-high brush.

The dog that stayed by dead owner for twelve hours after hit and run

After his master was murdered in a hit-and-run accident, a devoted dog remained by his side for as long as twelve hours. On Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, California, during the night, the guy was injured when he was hit by a vehicle. While he was riding his bicycle, he was hit and killed by a vehicle, and his corpse was left lying by the side of the road until the next morning.

Along with the man’s dead corpse and the dog who was unharmed, a passerby discovered the man’s mangled bicycle at a little lower position by the side of the road. The guy had attached a container to the back of his bicycle in order to transport his mongrel, but it had fallen off and was scattered around the ground.

His corpse had been there for between eight and twelve hours, and his broken-hearted dog, a Cairn terrier mix that resembled Toto from The Wizard of Oz, had been by his side the whole time.

The dog who prevented owner from committing suicide

According to reports, a dog in France stopped a pet owner from ending her life by taking her own life after the dog made the decision that it was not yet ready to let its owner go. The woman, who was 63 years old, made the decision to end it all in the backyard of her home in Sorgues; however, it seems that her German shepherd had other plans. Reportedly acting out of desperation, the faithful companion animal did what anybody else who cared for her would have done in the situation: it crashed with the old lady in an effort to convince her to let go of the pistol. According to a statement made by a police officer, “[the dog] probably sensed things and banged against her to rescue her.” The lady was injured in the chest, but her injuries were not life-threatening, and she is expected to make a complete recovery.

The dog who attends mass every day at church where owner’s funeral was held

A dog who lost his owner a few months ago is grieving for her so much that he attends services at the same Italian church where her burial was place, where he anxiously waits for her to come back. Maria Margherita Lochi, who was 57 years old, was the owner of Loyal Tommy, a German Shepherd who was seven years old. Loyal Tommy had been Maria Margherita Lochi’s constant friend ever since she adopted him after finding him abandoned in fields adjacent to her house.

Friends said that Mrs. Lochi developed a particularly close affection for Tommy, and that she would walk to church with him from her home every day. The priest would allow him to sit patiently by her feet. Mrs. Lochi adopted several strays that she found, but friends said that she developed a particularly close affection for Tommy. After she passed away in San Donaci, which is close to Brindisi, a funeral service was held, and Tommy attended it along with the other mourners. Ever since then, he has made it a point to attend the church on a consistent basis, arriving promptly when the bells ring out to signal the beginning of services.

The dog who stood guard over dead friend’s body in China

This is without a doubt one of the most moving pictures of friendship that we have ever come across. After his female partner was struck and killed by a vehicle in Zhangzhou, China, a male dog was snapped in the area maintaining watch over his deceased mate. The male dog ran into the path of approaching vehicles in order to be at his companion’s side. Witnesses have reported seeing the dog poke the female’s body on occasion, as if it were attempting to rouse her up. Over the course of more than six hours, the devoted friend stood watch.

The town’s butcher, Xiao Wu, said that he had often seen the two strays romping and playing together.

The loyal dog who waited 30 minutes for master to be rescued from freezing river

As if there wasn’t already sufficient proof that dogs are awesome, now comes the news that a man’s loyal dog waited and watched for 30 minutes as the fire department rescued his owner after the man crashed through thin ice on the Colorado River. The man had fallen through the ice after falling through the thin ice on the river. Duck hunting was on the agenda for the unnamed guy in his sixties and the dog he brought along with him as they spent the day on the banks of the river. When the guy ventured out onto the ice to collect a duck, he discovered that the ice was dangerously thin and fell through.

Several nearby hunters saw the crash and immediately called 911. However, as they waited for assistance, the man’s dog would not leave the area where the incident occurred. The dog walked back and forth in the waiting area like a concerned relative, desperately trying to get the attention of the guy. However, the man constantly waived the dog away out of anxiety for the canine’s wellbeing.

The husky who tracked owner to hospital

A husky had such strong feelings for his master that the dog was able to find him in a medical facility that was two miles away and in the middle of the night. Five years ago, John Dolan took it upon himself to save Zander, a white husky who had been abandoned at the shelter. Zander fell into a deep depression when Dolan was admitted to a hospital on Long Island, New York, for treatment of a skin issue. While Dolan was there, Zander moped about the home. Therefore, the devoted husky left the house at three in the morning and miraculously located Dolan in the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip.

An employee of the medical facility discovered the dog on the sidewalk outside of the building where Dolan was receiving treatment. The nurse dialled the number that was written on Zander’s collar, which was later determined to be Dolan’s mobile phone number. Dolan answered the phone while he was still in the hospital. After some time, Dolan’s wife arrived, and she took Zander home with her. Even after some time had passed, the devoted dog returned to the veterinarian’s office.

The guide dog who come back to save his owner during the WTC attack

Omar Eduardo Rivera, a blind computer technician, was working in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 with his guide dog, Dorado. Rivera was located on the 71st level of the building. Rivera was aware that it would take him a considerable amount of time to leave the building after the hijacked jet crashed into the tower; yet, since he wanted his Labrador retriever to have the opportunity to escape, he unclipped his dog’s leash when they were in the congested stairs. “I was terrified by the commotion and the heat, but I had to give Dorado a chance to get away since he was with Dorado. I believed I was gone for good.” Dorado had to go, so I unclipped his leash, tousled his head, and nudged him before giving him the command,” Rivera said.

Dorado was carried downstairs by the large crowd of people who were exiting the building; but, a few minutes later, Rivera felt the dog nuzzling his legs; this indicated that Dorado had returned to his side immediately. After that, Dorado and another coworker assisted Rivera in down seventy flights of stairs, a process that took about an hour. Rivera claims that he owes his life to his loyal dog since the building fell shortly after they evacuated the tower.

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