Funny Animal Moments: 12 Stories About Getting Stuck in Weird Places

After getting its head caught in a tree, a horse needed to be freed with a chainsaw in order to be able to continue its journey. After allowing its curiosity to get the better of it and forcing its head between two different pieces of the tree’s trunk, the young filly became trapped in the tree and required rescue. The horse, whose name is Gracie (so is mine), was unable to free itself and may have been in danger if a bystander hadn’t been able to come to the rescue after hearing the horse whinnying for help.

The arrival of Jason Harschbarger, a neighbour in the town of Pullman, West Virginia, in the United States, at the scene recalled the vision of Winnie the Pooh being entangled in the honey tree. Mr. Harschbarger gathered his equipment and was able to liberate the horse in a safe manner by using a chainsaw to remove the wood that was wrapped around its neck in a calm and methodical manner.

The cat may have been murdered because of its curiosity, but thankfully for this curious cow, all that curiosity did was make her feel embarrassed. The unfortunate heifer had been poking around in the drum of a fly-tipped washing machine when its head became caught in the mechanism. The young cow was unable to free herself, and it wasn’t until a member of the general public called the RSPCA and told them about the situation that she was eventually freed without suffering any injuries as a result of the incident.

In order to cool down and get away from the intense heat, a hippopotamus in Alkmaar, South Africa, scaled walls that were 10 feet high in order to take a bath in a water tower! Once he was inside, he was unable to escape on his own. Someone who worked on the farm saw him, or more specifically, saw two large nostrils protruding out of the water.
Chris Hobkirk, a hippo hunter, and his colleagues from the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Association got to work. They brought a hydraulic crane and a cage with them. They emptied the holding tank over the course of a four-hour procedure and then used poles to ease the hippo into the three-meter-long (10-foot) steel cage before winching it to safety.

They’ve given him the name Rebel, but no one can explain why an 8-month-old German shepherd pushed his head through a hole in the wall and became trapped there. It took the people who came to the rescue in Desert Hot Springs, California, approximately half an hour to pull the pitiful-looking puppy out of the 18-inch hole. Officers from Riverside County Animal Services scaled the wall on both sides in order to free Rebel. They were successful in their mission. When the cops were pulling him out, the dog assisted them by straightening his rear legs, which made it easier for them.

It’s possible that some people might call it a pipe dream. However, it was far more of a nightmare for Smokey, a stray dog who was just two years old at the time. The poor young puppy found himself with his head firmly wedged within the long tube of an ancient smudge pot. The dog’s misfortune was compounded by the fact that he was unable to free himself. Animal savers are of the impression that he had been hunting a mouse at the time that the obnoxious rodent led him right into an abandoned gadget. Smokey was left with a sour taste in his mouth as a result of the rusty pot, even though the oil-burning equipment are used to remove frost from crops that are grown on fruit trees. He moaned as he urgently attempted to squirm out of the pot but was unable. He was still stuck with his head stuck inside the pot, looking like a headless dog. Fortunately, a person walking by in Riverside County, California, saw the animal that was trapped and alerted those who work to save animals to the location. With the assistance of Animal Control Officer Amy Farrell, who carefully coaxed him out of the container, Smokey was able to escape the pot without suffering any injuries.

After getting its horn caught in a power line and accidentally abseiling down a hill, this poor sheep is now a living example of the term “ram-bo,” which refers to a fictional character who becomes a real-life hero. The poor sheep was heard bleating for assistance more than 15 feet from the ground when it was located adjacent to a telegraph pole. It is a blessing that he did not get energised by the wire’s electricity.

The action took place in the quaint little village of Helgoysund, which is located on the coast of Norway. A little more than an hour later, tourists who were there at the site staged a rescue effort and ultimately tied him to bring him back down to ground level. Observers speculated that the sheep could have been heading down the slope in the direction of a flock of ewes that was located there. The visitors from Germany were successful in lowering the sheep safely to the ground after almost an hour of effort and some inventive rope work. On top of the hill, the sheep had been grazing for some time. He was dragged down the hill on the line he was hooked to as his frustration level increased, and he ended up more than five metres above the earth. He had gotten his horn caught on the zip wire.

If Wally could speak, the dog most likely would acknowledge that he feels self-conscious about the origin of his name, which is Wally. After being wedged between two walls in the 33-200 block of Rancho Vista Drive in Cathedral City, the Shar-Pei mixed breed dog, who was 4 years old, was rescued by his owners. He is now relaxing at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms, but the circumstances surrounding how he became trapped and for how long are unknown. It’s possible that Wally got himself trapped while chasing after a smaller animal that was moving through the area.

A complaint about a dog’s excessive barking was reported to the officials of the animal control department about 10 in the morning. When they arrived, they discovered Wally trapped in a crawl space that was located between a house and a wall. Workers from the district spent almost forty minutes bashing a hole through the wall, and at 1:30 in the afternoon, Wally, who was weak and dehydrated, was released.

When they were left for two days perched precariously on the side of a bridge in Montana, two goats demonstrated just how foolish they can be. After going for forty-eight hours without eating or drinking, the unfortunate bleeters were rescued and brought to safety by a gigantic crane. It is believed that they got lost in southern Montana and ended themselves on the railroad ledge at night. Once the sun dawned and they realised where they were, they were too cold to move and died.

An eyewitness said that the two young women would sometimes move to the pillar to pee and then return to the narrower ledge where they would attempt to rest their exhausted legs by tucking them under their body for a few seconds at a time. The condition of the goats is claimed to have improved significantly at this point.

After becoming lost and falling into a swimming pool in Hampshire, a horse fittingly named Mischief required the assistance of a rescue crew that consisted of 14 people when he was unable to free himself. The animal, which was four years old and had a name that prompted some of the pool owners to laugh when they got over the first shock of seeing a horse, needed to be freed using a series of ropes and a lot of teamwork in order to be successfully extracted.

Mischief, who lives in Godshill in the New Forest, had evidently walked into the yard of a neighbour, who had a plastic tarpaulin sheet covering their pool, so she was unaware that the pool was there. The horse looked to be in agony when it was unable to escape from its cold bath; however, a local veterinarian was contacted and was able to sedate the animal before the fire team was able to remove it to safety.

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