10 Famous Shark Attack Survivor Stories

There are around sixty shark attacks that are recorded each year all throughout the globe. Here are some of the most terrifying and incredible accounts of shark attacks that have ever been documented.

His Wet Suit Held His Skin Together

A spearfishing tournament was held off the coast of South Australia in 1963, and freestyle diver Rodney Fox was there to compete. Fox was attacked by a great white shark as he was diving without air. The shark gripped him about the midsection. Fox put up a valiant fight against the shark, and even managed to escape its grasp at one point, only to have it come back and attack him again. After that, Fox wrapped his arms around the beast and was taken on a scary journey below the water as the shark attempted to shrug him off. Fox’s arm got caught in the shark’s jaws, and when he finally managed to free it, his flesh was peeled away from the underlying bone. After coming perilously close to passing out from drowning, Fox was rescued and taken onto a boat. His rib cage, lungs, and upper stomach were entirely revealed, and the bones of his right hand and arm were evident on their exposed surfaces. His rescuers ensured that he remained in the water while wearing his wetsuit, which prevented his internal organs from rupturing and eventually saved his life. Fox took four hours of surgery and required 462 stitches to sew his skin back together, but he is still alive today to share his story of surviving an assault from one of the world’s biggest predators. The tiger that attacked Fox is considered to be one of the world’s finest predators.

Bethany Hamilton Was Back On Her Board A Month After Losing Her Arm

In the year 2003, Bethany Hamilton was just 13 years old. Before she was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark on the morning of Halloween, she was the greatest female surfer in her age group in Hawaii and one of the best in the United States. Before the assault, she was one of the best. When the shark surfaced from below, Bethany was resting on her surfboard with her left arm hanging in the sea. The shark bit off the top of her arm at the shoulder, and she lost her arm. Her friends were able to use a tourniquet on her so that they could obtain aid, but she ended up losing more than sixty percent of her blood and had to go through a number of operations in order to get well.

Remarkably, despite the fact that Hamilton had lost her arm in the assault, she did not give up surfing, and only one month after the incident, she was back on her surfboard. At the National Scholastic Surfing Association National Championships in 2005, Hamilton took first place, earning her first national championship in the process. Her life was eventually used as the inspiration for the major motion picture “Soul Surfer,” which was produced in Hollywood.

Man Killed In Front of New Bride While On Honeymoon

Ian and Gemma Redmond, newlyweds from the United Kingdom, were enjoying their tropical beach holiday in Seychelles only ten days after their wedding when they were involved in a tragic accident. Ian Redmond, who was thirty years old and just married, was out snorkelling around twenty yards off the coast while his new wife was tanning on the beach. A shark attacked Redmond and tore off one of his arms and shattered one of his legs as a result of the assault. Even though Redmond was promptly hauled from the ocean onto a boat, and a doctor on the shore performed first aid until emergency medical workers came, it is believed that Redmond passed almost instantaneously. While individuals on the beach rushed to help Redmond’s husband, his distraught new wife was held back by the throngs of onlookers.

Man Punches Shark In Face To Escape

Joshua Holley, a citizen of Hawaii who was twenty-eight years old at the time, was surfing at his favourite area off the shore of Oahu, Hawaii’s North Shore, when a tiger shark that was ten feet long bit his left foot. The moment Holley hauled off and realised what he needed to do, he hit the shark twice in the face, and the shark swam away. Holley had done what he needed to do instinctually. However, the shark did not manage to puncture any major arteries when it was biting Holley’s foot, which resulted in some damaged tendons that needed 42 stitches to reattach. Despite the fact that he was attacked by a shark, Holley claims that he will continue to swim in the ocean and harbours no ill will toward the animal, stating, “You have to remember that when you’re in the ocean you have to respect the ocean. That’s where they eat, live, and breed; we’re just visitors in their home.” (You have to remember that when you’re in the ocean you have to respect the ocean.)

Diver Survives Attack By Fending Off Shark With Camera

Russell Easton, a conservationist as well as a skilled underwater photographer and diver, was in the Bahamas taking pictures of a tiger shark that was 12 feet long when all of a sudden the viewfinder of his camera revealed a massive mouth full of sharp fangs! The shark bit into Easton’s camera, so the diver continued to stuff it farther into his mouth in order to protect it. This allowed him to escape the danger and go to safety.

The diver claims that, despite the horrific encounter, he doesn’t think the shark was attempting to injure him; rather, he believes the shark was simply trying to find out what he was by using his mouth as we would use our hands to figure out what something is.

Dolphins Save Swimmers From Shark

Rob Howes, a lifeguard on the North Island of New Zealand, said that while he and three other female lifeguards were on a training swim about 100 metres off Ocean Beach near Whangarei, they were surrounded by a pod of dolphins that were behaving in a very peculiar manner. Howes was one of the lifeguards. The dolphins proceeded to swim in circles around the swimmers and then began to beat the water with their fins. This caused the water to become a churning mass of dolphins and human heads bobbing up and down. Howes was able to make his way outside of the circle of dolphins, and it was at that point that he saw a massive great white shark only a short distance away. The dolphins’ anxiety level skyrocketed as the shark got closer to the people who were swimming in the water, and they “went into hyper drive” as a result. The shark was able to get away as the rescue boat got closer, but the dolphins stayed until all of the swimmers were safely on shore before they left the area that they were swimming in.

Man Captures Attack On Film

In 1964, Henri Bource and two other divers were diving in the water off of Lady Julia Percy Island in Australia with seals when all of a sudden, a great white shark arrived and chewed Henri’s leg off at the knee. Bource was brought onto the boat by his diving buddies, and miraculously, the rescue operation was captured on camera.

Man Loses Leg and Becomes Shark Preservation Advocate

A Wall Street banker named Krishna Thompson was attacked by a shark on Grand Bahama Island on August 4, 2001, when he was on vacation there with his wife. The shark dragged him out to sea. After being dragged beneath the water by the shark, Thompson realised he needed to take action to save his own life. He did this by prying the shark’s jaws open and punching it twice in the nose. Thompson eventually managed to escape the water. The shark let him go, and he was able to swim to shore on his own, but unfortunately, the damage to his limb was so severe that it needed to be amputated.
Nearly 10 years after the assault that nearly took his life, Thompson is now an advocate for the protection of the species, stating that “Sharks establish the balance for the entire ocean.”

Shark Attack Death Blamed On Reality TV Show

Off the coast of South Africa in the month of April in 2012, a production team working for the National Geographic channel filmed scenes for the television reality programme “Shark Men.” According to the reports, they were luring sharks to the region by dispensing gallons of fish parts (also known as “chum”) into the sea. However, just a few days after the production company chummed the waters, a local 20-year-old champion body boarder named David Lilienfeld was killed by a 13-to-16-foot shark in waters that had not previously seen shark activity since 1999. The production company had permits for chumming the waters and filming, but just a few days after chumming the waters, David Lilienfeld was killed by a shark.
The study authorization for the performance was promptly cancelled as inhabitants of the area expressed their indignation. The television programme “Shark Men” has been cancelled as a result of the ongoing negative feedback it has received.

Brave Mother Pulls Daughter From Jaws of Shark

In March of 2012, a woman and her daughter, who was 15 years old at the time, were sitting on their surfboards off the shore of New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Suddenly, a shark grabbed the young girl and took her under the sea. In a split second, Valeh Levy took hold of her daughter Sydney by the shoulders and hauled her up onto the surfboard that was already in her possession. The shark continued to circle until the people who were helping the mother heard her calls for assistance, at which point they drove the shark away. The foot injury sustained by the youngster needed surgery, but she is anticipated to make a complete recovery.

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