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Until recently, the training choices for owners of violent dogs were limited. Many trainers still encourage owners to use electronic collars to shock them or strangle them with prong collars or choke chains until they give up or pass out. It’s hardly surprising that this typically exacerbates aggressive conduct. Others advocate for delayed, unpredictable distraction programs. According to the current popular literature on “positive” dog aggressiveness therapy, these approaches may take years to yield small outcomes. That is far too lengthy for a family to be burdened by a canine time bomb.

In this website, I want to show that there is more that can be done to combat pet aggressiveness. I want to set the groundwork for an aggressive animal to start a new life.

I’ll show you how an animal’s disposition changes dramatically when his choice shifts from pushing people away to befriending them.

In addition, I will provide you with unique perspectives on aggressive behavior. Aggression is behavior. It’s not an identity.