Big Cat On The Prowl

The very sight of him walking about with a threatening stance is enough to give anybody the creeps, and for good cause.

It is thought that this large cat was responsible for a run of 18 assaults on sheep, in which the animals’ throats were slashed and their blood-covered bodies were left to fester.

Onlookers who were willing to put themselves in harm’s way were able to capture on camera the enigmatic feline, which is thought to be a puma, moving stealthily through the tall grass while keeping an eye on its prey.

Student Lisa Sydenham, age 29, captured an image of the beast on her camera as she and her sister Alana were out for a stroll near Embo, Ross-shire.

It was just a few miles away from the pastures where a farmer’s flock had been the target of many assaults.

The Highlands police department has reported that there have been multiple genuine sightings of large cats in the surrounding region.

After a string of unfortunate events, George Ross of Rheguile Farm, which is located close to Edderton and on the banks of the Dornoch Firth, said that nothing but the skins of his sheep were left behind. The victims’ necks had been compressed in each instance.

The sisters claim that upon seeing the beast at around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday, they were immediately frozen in their tracks.

Lisa said that they had ruled out the possibility that it was only a huge household cat or dog. Because of the way it was walking and the outline of its body, I was able to identify that it was a gigantic cat, even though at first I assumed it was a really large dog.

She went on to say that it was located “quite a bit away” across a field. Both my sister Alana and I, at first, were taken aback, and then we became delighted about it. After looking into it, I discovered that there was another sighting in the region in September of previous year.

“It seemed to be a cat and moved like one.” As soon as it saw me, it went into a crouching position in the grass and then walked away. It seems like we only looked at it for a total of about five minutes.

The discovery of the deer’s carcass, which raised increased worries of a predator, led to the sightings.

Alison Kennedy, who lives close to Culbokie, discovered the corpse on property she owns at Upper Braefindon on Monday night. She is hopeful that unusual paw prints seen in the mud close to the death may be analysed by an expert.

She said: “On returning to the scene on Tuesday there were traces that the corpse had been pulled farther away and carted off, nothing left except a severed limb.” She was referring to the fact that the carcass had been moved further away and hauled off. All of the other accounts just show the mutilated carcasses of animals, but I have photographs that show paw prints at the scene of the assault as well as a very fresh carcass that has been nearly all consumed.

“I attempted to get SAC veterinarians to visit the scene and determine what may have killed the deer, but I have not received an answer as of yet,” you say. “So far,” you say, “there has been no reaction.” Given the presence of animals in the region, the presence of dogs would be cause for concern on its own; but, the presence of a large cat would be much more worrisome.

She said that there were clear indications of a fight, as well as the impression that the deer had been carried for a considerable distance during what seemed to be an assault.

According to Chief Inspector Paul Eddington, who has worked for a number of years as a specialist in the role of police wildlife crime coordinator, there have been a number of sightings of large cats in Ross-shire over the course of the years. These sightings have been considered to be very credible.

In addition to this, he said that since the 1970s, there have been many reports of exotic animals being let free in the Highlands as a result of changes in the law that governs what kinds of animals individuals are allowed to keep as pets.

Cats that were formerly kept as pets have been known to revert to their wild state and even mate with wild cats, according to research.

Chf Insp Eddington also remembered the complaint of the incident that occurred in December 2008 on a 73-year-old lady from Easter Ross. The woman was under the impression that she had been mauled after startling a large cat close to her house.

Pat McLeod, who resided in a secluded hamlet outside of Alness, had to get medical care for wounds he got in an assault, the specifics of which are still a mystery.

The authorities were persuaded to the point where they decided to set up traps and warn the general people to be on the lookout.

Ch. Insp. Eddington said that anybody who observes anything that is out of the ordinary should get in touch with us. There is a concern for both the general populace’s safety and the well-being of any animal that could be involved.

“Over the course of the years, we have received a lot of legitimate allegations, and individuals may rest confident that they will always be treated at face value,”

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