Befriend Your Dog!

We were all brought up to think that a dog is a man’s best friend; but, if you were to ask your next-door neighbour who their closest buddy is, the response you would probably get would be someone like Jack, Sue, or Kevin, etc. How come this is the case when they say a man’s best buddy is his dog? The solution is not complicated at all. Because Jack, Sue, or Kevin is able to connect to you and Kevin on a human level, he or she is considered to be your neighbor’s best friend. You may share human “tangibles” such as laughter, argument, lending money to each other, crying together, and a whole variety of other human experiences that are not anticipated from a dog.

Stoop to its level:

However, if you have the right mindset and are willing to “stoop” to your dog’s level on occasion, he or she might become your most loyal and trusted companion. In other words, you need to comprehend what it is. It is not a human person; rather, it is an animal that is reliant on you to fulfil all of its requirements, such as providing it with nourishment, maintaining its health, and providing a caring atmosphere for it.

The Pack Structure:

You must have an appreciation for the hierarchy that exists inside a dog’s pack. This is the impetus behind everything that happens in a dog’s life. This “framework” gets thrown off the moment you bring a dog into your house for the first time because of the unfamiliar conditions in which it will be living. Since it is no longer with its own kind, it will be up to you to recreate the structure of its pack among the human population. There is always a leader at the front of a pack, and that role needs to be filled by you. If you want to be respected, you need to demonstrate that you are capable of exercising strong and consistent authority over your dog’s life, since he is dependent on you.


When a dog is misbehaving, pet owners often make the mistake of putting off taking corrective action for too long. Keep in mind that you are the pack leader, and as such, you are obligated to demand respect through ethical means. Your dog should anticipate that he will be punished if he does not follow directions that he has become “aware” of through training, and he should be rewarded when he or she complies with your commands. Never resort to physical or mental punishment for a command that your dog does not fully comprehend. Being consistent is the single most crucial thing to do. Minor violations should be corrected with a simple “NO,” and aggressive conduct should be adjusted correspondingly, but never to an excessive degree.

The most important aspect of dog training is developing a strong relationship with your pet.

• Realizing that in order to have a pack organisation, there must be a pack leader. You should not give your dog any authority over him. • Giving him the same orders over and over again until he learns them.

• Immediate corrective actions in the event of a violation, as well as positive reinforcement for compliance.

Your dog has the potential to be your closest friend, but your relationship with him must always be built on respect.

Have a day filled with happy dog training……

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