Annel Snyman and Her Pet Lion

Remarkable Bond Between A Woman And Her Pet Lion Who Eats 9lbs Of Food A Day And Cuddles Up With Her On The Sofa

Timba, the house cat, may be seen here lounging in the sun in the backyard and purring contentedly while being petted.

Timba, on the other hand, is not your typical tabby due to the fact that she weighs a massive 120 kg.

The white lion, who is now one year and six months old, was taken in by his current owner Annel Snyman when he was only a teeny-tiny youngster.

Timba, who is one year and six months old, is known to have a close relationship with Annel Snyman since he can often be spotted playing with her in the yard and availing himself of food in her kitchen.

The South African woman, who is from the Waterberg area, took him in during the spring of the previous year and has since made him her unorthodox pet. The pair now share practically everything.

Annel, who also manages a bed and breakfast, has raised scores of animals from birth by hand, including multiple kittens, a cheetah cub, five lions, a white lion, and a leopard. In her leisure time, Annel does this.

The animal advocate acknowledged that some people had a difficult time adjusting to her unexpected choice of pet.

She added, “The neighbours are astonished by him, and I frequently see people driving by and slowing down to get a look at him.” “The neighbours are intrigued by him,” she said.

Best friends: After taking in the then-infant lion as a cub in March of the previous year, Annel has developed an extraordinary connection with the adult lion who weighs 120 kg, as is shown in these extraordinary photographs.

The woman, who lives in the Waterberg area of South Africa, just outside of Bela-Bela, said that she adored her unusual pet lion.

“And relationships used to be difficult because there was sometimes some envy over who was going to cuddle up with who on the sofa,” the author writes. “And relationships used to be a difficulty.”

She continued by saying, “There are moments when it is tough to accomplish day-to-day tasks, but I do manage to live a normal life – well, normal for me, anyhow.”

“They have also become used to his inspecting their coffee as well as any other sweet products that they chance to have,” he said.

He consumes around 4 kg of meat on a daily basis and has a voracious appetite to match.

Even though Timba has outgrown Annel’s bedroom, the affectionate kitty still makes an effort to snuggle up with her on the couch. When Timba was a kitten, it was common to find him dozing off in Annel’s bed.

Couldn’t let go: Big softie Timba (seen here as a cub) also likes going on walks with Annel’s dog Diesel, who is six years old, and “helping out” with regular duties around the home. This photo was taken when Timba was a cub.

Paw-some buddies: Timba would often fall asleep on Annel’s bed when he was a young cub.

Take note of this, you cat: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she claims the neighbours are still awestruck by Timba and often slow down while passing by to get a better look at her.

Annel’s passion for animals began six years ago when, with aid from her mother and father, she constructed a guest house on the property where she lives called Loebies Guestfarm. The home is named for the animal sanctuary that Annel runs there.

Timba has grown from a little cub (on the left) to a massive lion (on the right), but he hasn’t lost any of his fun spirit.

“It often resolved with me sitting on one sofa with Timba curled up on my lap, and the other person either on the other couch or standing outside looking very worried.”

“This was something that Timba had perfected during the course of his career. He used to be really skilled at sneaking onto the sofa in between myself and whomever was sitting next to me without either of us noticing.

If only every parent could have a lion to keep the males away from his girls, the situation would be much better.

“However, I am now in a relationship, and to my great relief, Timba has completely welcomed my girlfriend as a member of the family.”

Timba’s ranch is very welcoming to all kinds of animals, therefore he has many of pals there, but Diesel the dog is his closest companion.

Timba grew up eating raw meat, so it was only natural that he would acquire a liking for it at a young age.

On the property where she now resides, Annel built a bed and breakfast on the site six years ago and named it Loebies Guestfarm. With the assistance of her mother and father, she was able to get the business off the ground.

She chose to adopt a variety of farm animals in an effort to make the resort more attractive, and this ultimately led to the hand-rearing of African cats and other wild animals when she was contacted by someone working in the game sector in 2009.

Since then, Annel has raised dozens of animals by hand, including six Serval kittens, a cheetah cub, five lions, a white lion, and a leopard. She also has a white lion.

Annel freely acknowledges that she pampered the first lions she cared for much more than she did Timba, and that she even took them swimming on a regular basis.

She said: “Being the first lions to be grown on the farm, they dominated the house, the bed, and the couches, and would routinely accompany me for swims in the farm dam up until they were pretty enormous.” She was referring to the fact that they were the first lions to be raised on the property.

This photograph was shot at a point in time when Timba was able to enter Annel’s kitchen without causing any obstructions.

Timba enjoys nothing more than unwinding with Annel, and she can be highly sensitive to her partner’s needs when they do so.

‘For me, working with these creatures was therapy, and at the same time, unbeknownst to me at the time, it was the beginning of an entirely new passion and route that my life was going to follow.’

I was able to get my first Serval kittens to raise after the Department of Nature Conservation gave their blessing to all of the requisite permission applications for the keeping and hand upbringing of indigenous predators.

“This was a rather difficult task, but the first wild creatures I cared for were my children and my life,” she said.

“After hand raising six Servals and a Cheetah cub, I came to the conclusion that I could no longer nurture the cats, build a link with them, and then let them go. As a result, I made the decision to apply to begin keeping predators on a permanent basis.”

“That was the spark that sparked my desire and drove me towards the unfathomable route and life experiences that I have on a daily basis.” “That was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm and directed me towards the unimaginable path and life experiences that I have on a daily basis.”

“Even if the majority of people are surprised, this has turned into my life and an integral part of who I am.

“Even though there are moments when it is tough to accomplish day-to-day tasks, I do manage to live a regular life – or at least a life that is normal for me.”

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