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AnimalBehaviorAnswers.com’s Premium Content Quality

Internet material is abundant, but not all stuff is created equal. Our pros and specialists make our material the best in its field. We deliver not just excellent knowledge, but the finest information accessible on a certain subject.


  • All informative and instructive pieces are produced by professional specialists in their respective fields or by journalists who conduct interviews with such professionals.
  • All AnimalBehaviorAnswers.com websites are complemented by an authoritative print publication on the subject. The website’s material adheres to the same rigorous regulations and processes as the company’s print magazines.
  • Our writers and editors are networked with leading veterinary researchers, behaviorists, nutritionists, and rescue and other innovators. We deliver not just excellent knowledge, but the finest information accessible on a certain subject.
  • AnimalBehaviorAnswers.com‘s editorial leadership has more than two decades of expertise covering the animal lovers community and pet business.


  • All medical material on the websites is obtained from or authored by competent veterinarians specializing in that specific animal, and their identities are acknowledged.
  • The latest, best medical advice is always evolving. All medical articles on the websites of AnimalBehaviorAnswers.com have dates.
  • Our websites are updated periodically with new medical material.


  • AnimalBehaviorAnswers.com sites adhere to the highest journalistic standards while reporting animal and pet-related news items. Every news story is true and published from a journalistic stance. Opinion items are clearly identified as such. There are strict regulations and processes in place to prevent conflicts of interest and maintain the highest integrity standards.
  • There are journalists in the AnimalBehaviorAnswers.com News Division that report to a news director. The news director has covered the animal & pet market for more than 20 years.
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